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The store attaches great importance to customer rights

  1. Provide face-to-face, real home, office, train along the line (to be gated), or near the housing estate, etc., any safe place, as long as you want to pick up any product, location you like, like the real thing like first
  2. Every time you look at the goods with more than one hundred crystal beeswax or more types to choose from, you will only bring the goods to you to choose, you will be wild, you ask me to answer, protect customers from nuisance
  3. Our crystals all contain a decorative storage bag, a backup line, a threaded lead, and a replacement crystal line service for life, contact the store to send a backup line to the home for free.
  4. Environmental protection policy, accept new and old mobile phones or tablets WhatsApp offer to redeem our products
  5. Because the natural ore grinding is inevitable, the beautiful unoptimized amber wax is too much meat, and the cost is naturally higher!
  6. Amber beeswax has a serious optimization of flooding, including injection molding, boiled water, roasted color, second generation, Mary San, Coba resin, and some straightforward plastic imitation. It is estimated that the market accounted for 70% or more, and ordinary players simply cannot. Resolve, the shop produces their own polished, and the cooperative factory personally supervises the shipment, there is no need to worry about the optimization of fake goods, the package is really 10,000 years, only pure nature, such as optimization of life-long return!
  7. It can be engraved and privately ordered with any crystal/amber/bee wax product. The process will allow customers to follow up.
  8. Our crystal, such as fake, such as dyeing, such as artificial crystal, life-long package return!
  9. The store does not have a store, try to reduce costs, try to provide the best quality products at the lowest price!
  10. Understand the risks of online shopping. All products in the store, including postage or face-to-face, contain the appreciation period and the right of remorse. If you do not like dissatisfaction within 72 hours after receipt, you can contact and return.
  11. Most of our products are taken in macro SLR cameras or mobile phones. Only dimming will ensure that the picture clarity will not be repaired. It will try to shadow all the advantages and disadvantages. If you want to enjoy the best quality after receiving the goods, please be in the natural light. , or watch the light below, if you are not satisfied, please contact us.

About Treasure Zone

Want my treasure? If you want, you can give it all, go find it! I put all the collected treasures here.

It is very likely that you will get value-for-money products at an ultra-low price, relying on your eyesight, speeding up your hand, and vying for the big secret treasure!!

  • The price of the Treasure Zone is priced by the Tibetans themselves. The store will not intervene. As for the purchase price, it is low or high.
  • Zhabao District is a place for all Tibetan treasurers to sell their own leisure jewelry or brand new jewelry for free. Welcome all Tibetan friends.
  • SF Express delivers Tibetan leisure products to small stores, large or fragile, and the store is responsible for shelves, filming, on-site delivery, etc.
  • The shop will try its best to ensure the real goods and filter the fake products, but the customers rely on their eyesight. As a middleman shop, they can also issue a professional certificate test. The buyer will pay for it. After picking up the goods, they can take the physical research for a week. Can be returned at any time (damage can not be returned), postage buyers, Zhabao products will not be returned after one week
  • All treasures products SF Express postage payment or on-site inspection
  • Can be sold in crystal, agate, antique, gold and silver, precious stones, semi-precious stones, amber, pearls, ceramics, shells, fruits, leather, diamonds, wood, etc.
  • Can send jewelry, ornaments, calligraphy and painting, carvings, stones, ornaments, cultural relics, paintings, jade, jewelry, etc.
  • Will clean up the long-lost treasures from time to time.
  • In case of any dispute, the store has the final decision

About members and bonus points

  • You can earn bonus points for every purchase of this product, and 1 bonus can be used for 1 dollar.
  • For example, if a premium member purchases a value of 1480 dollar, there will be 148 bonuses automatically dialed into the member account, and the next time you shop, you can use 148dollar.
  • Ordinary member 5% bonus points (registered to enjoy)
  • Premium member 10% bonus points (consumption of HKD$5000)
  • VIP member 15% bonus points (consumption of HKD$20000)
  • 72 hours when the bonus points are dialed into the account

Get the bracelet elastic line for free

Regardless of whether you have purchased customers in the store, you can get free bracelet string by filling in the contact information and filling in the contact information.