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Rope teaching

Tools for the preparation of the crystal bracelet: a well-made water-wafer bead (or other shape of crystal particles), a spring line, a lead pin (or fish wire), and a pair of scissors.

Step 1. Fold the elastic wire around the lead pin to fold it (the elastic wire is folded once or twice according to the size of the hole diameter of the ball)

Step 2. The beads are threaded into the elastic line by the lead pins in order, as shown. At this time, you need to be careful not to pull the beads hard, which may cause the elastic line to open.

Step 3. After putting all the beads on the wrist, you can put it on your wrist and try to see if the size is suitable. After confirming that there is no problem, you can insert the elastic line into the elastic line in the fold ring according to the method in Figure 3, so as to make a strong fight. Knot. This step is very important in the wearing of the crystal bracelet.

Step 4. As shown in Fig. 4, move the beads to the head in order, move all the beads and then knot them.

Step 5. Tighten the elastic line and hit the elastic line of the tail with two repeated single knots (Fig. 5). At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to tightening the elastic line when knotting, otherwise it is easy to loosen the knot.

Step 6. After the knotting is completed, you can wear it on your wrist and try to find out if the size is right. If there is no problem, you can use the scissors to remove the excess thread. Be careful to keep the thread head about 0.5-1 cm.

Step 7. Gently pull the thread into the side of the bead and arrange the distance between the beads. This will prevent the knot from loosening and the crystal bracelet will look beautiful.