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Call us: +852 96016631 每天早上八點至到晚上十二點


1. Guest registration becomes a member

2. Put your favorite accessories in your shopping cart

3. Choose payment method and logistics / pick up method

4. Fill in ★ ★ correct phone ★ ★ number to submit an order

5. After we receive the order, the system will automatically send an email to the guest to make an order.

6. Send the product, all the confirmed payment orders will be sent within two working days, some products in the store are sold in the physical store, some products in the physical cooperation store are sold on the website, the time is required to be allocated, please forgive me

7. You can use the website floating button to contact the customer to check the inventory before shopping, because other shopping channels may not be updated in time.

8. All products in this store are in stock, and in Hong Kong can be inspected on site and mailed for inspection.

Contact Us

Tel: +852 96016631

WhatsApp : +852 96016631

WeChat Wechat ID:96016631


Choose our store delivery site inspection:

All expenses are free and can be sent to the industrial building or residential downstairs, along the train station (to be gated), you can check the goods on the spot.

Too many products on site, you can specify several pieces or more of your favorite products for quick on-site selection

Usually more than 100 products can be selected on site every time.

Face-to-face time: 08:00AM-23:00PM

I like the scene first!

Mailing logistics and shipping:

Free Shipping-All products in Hong Kong Local SF Express Cabinet / SF Station / 7-11 Convenience Store / ok Convenience Store

Our products support postal inspection, go to the store to pay postage, within 48 hours after receiving the goods can return for any reason (only SF Express) return fee 22 mosquito customers out

When the gale signal No. 8 or above is suspended and the red or black rainstorm warning is in effect, the delivery service will be postponed. We will postpone the delivery date.

This store uses SF Express in a unified manner

Other regional mailing methods and shipping costs:

Macau, Taiwan and international regions will charge shipping by region (per KG)

Macau : HKD 50

China, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan : HKD 50

United States, United Kingdom, Canada, major locations in Europe, Australia, New Zealand: HKD 50

Free shipping is required for purchases over HKD 2000.

**Guests must fill in a valid phone number when ordering, in order to receive notifications about delivery, easy to pick up

**If the actual delivery information is different from the delivery information on the order, the delivery will be affected and the shipment will be returned.

Payment method: Account number or QR code will be provided at checkout

Bank number: Hong Kong Hang Seng Bank Hong Kong Dollar Account (HKD)

                   Hong Kong Bank of China Hong Kong Dollar Account (HKD)

PayMe (HKD)

Alipay (HKD)

Faster turnover (HKD)

WeChat payment (RMB)

On-site cash payment (HKD) (RMB) (Taiwan dollar)

PayPal (US$) (Taiwan Dollar) (RMB)

Payment in digital currency (BTC, ETH).