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Amber gold twisted honey plant pendant (已售)

  • Product Code: 9461
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Price in reward points:1680

Amber gold twisted honey plant pendant

Size: 30.7x17x12

Price: 1680 (the website has a price)

Grams: 6.8g (with rope)

Number: 9461

The owner's commentary: chicken oil gold twisted honey, the bark is clearly visible thousands of years ago, the naked eye is more clear than the photo, the color is violent yellow, the plant is more perfect, so high quality plant, collection

Pure natural ore three no products: no optimization, no baking color, no injection

Pure natural ore grinding is inevitable, slightly flawless, rare perfect, perfectionist think twice, it is recommended to draw dimensions on white paper to know the actual size

Amber effect:

• Amber modern research has shown that the health and medicinal value of amber is mainly derived from succinic acid, which contains 3% to 8% succinic acid, which can help the blood circulation through the skin. It treats the pain and tension of muscle joints, can wake up the brain, cure minor cuts and mosquito bites. In addition, because amber contains tiny amber particles, it is easy to contact with the skin to form a protective film. It is a good beauty product.

• One of the seven treasures of Buddhism, wearing a safe and secure mind, exorcising evil spirits, improving the fortune, resisting aging, beauty and beauty, promoting blood circulation, strong medicinal functions, excellent health effects

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