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Cherry blossom agate bracelet

  • Product Code: 9415
  • Reward Points: 30
  • Availability: 1
Price in reward points:598

Cherry blossom agate bracelet

Price: HKD$598

Size: 58mm (+-0.5)

Grams: 50.64g

No.: 9415

Sakura Agate Bracelet Effect: Agate is full of spirituality and is regarded as the "third eye" in the gem, symbolizing friendliness and love, and also represents hope. Long-term wear of agate can strengthen blood circulation, promote metabolism, and have a beauty effect on the skin.

For women, agate can also regulate female hormones, prevent gynecological diseases, stop menstrual pain and reconcile qi and blood. It also has curative effect on women with hormonal imbalance in menopause, which can relax their mind and reduce the symptoms of insomnia.

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