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Sun stone with bracelet-(已售)

  • Product Code: 1842416
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Sun stone with bracelet

Size: 7X9mm

Grams: 18.9g

Number: 1842416


In the kind of gemstones, Sunstone is a very rare gemstone with a beautiful cat's eye effect. It corresponds to the sun wheel and the umbilical wheel. It has the function of re-purifying and adjusting the body discomfort after overeating, and can be used by the wearer. The body brings a warm feeling, cold symptoms and asthma and bronchitis symptoms can also be improved, can also use her own energy to strengthen the joints and bones, to calm the nervous system of metabolism.

Through the powerful power of Sunstone, you can enhance your affinity, because it corresponds to the center of solar energy, so you can get more positive energy and prevent the invasion of villain and witchcraft under the long-term wear. Powerful evil effect,

Can be used as a good luck gem and amulet to protect people

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