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Aquamarine bracelets 7.5mm

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Aquamarine bracelet 7.5mm

Size: 7.5mm (+-0.5)

Grams: 15.2g

Number: 184258

The efficacy of Hailanbao

Because of the close relationship between aquamarine and water, it has long been used as a talisman, especially for those who live at sea all the year round. It is also believed that aquamarine can capture the soul of the ocean. For centuries, sailors drifting above the waves used to pray that Poseidon would protect the safety of navigation, so aquamarine is also known as "Mascot Stone."

Aquamarine has long been regarded as the "stone of the brave", symbolizing calmness, courage and intelligence. Wearing aquamarine can make people have a foresight, and it also has the power of hypnosis and evil spirits and the magical medical value. Water dipped in aquamarine can cure eye diseases and snoring. The five elements of Hailanbao are water, which is most suitable for the use and wear of the five elements of the water.

Aquamarine contains four elements of earth, water, fire and wind. It has powerful therapeutic, purifying and spiritual power, and is the most effective crystal. The blue corresponding to the throat wheel helps to strengthen the communication and expression ability of the human body. It has curative effect on the glands of the nearby throat, trachea, thyroid and other organs. When the respiratory tract is painful or inflamed, the blue sapphire can be placed in the throat. Helps relieve pain. In addition, toothache can also be placed in the same way on the cheeks, which can alleviate the pain. It is also especially suitable for people who want to use language, conversation, voice, etc., such as teachers, lawyers, salesmen, etc.

When the creation of the text is blocked, you can play the blue sap in your hands, or you can massage the temples on both sides of the head to help restore inspiration, just as you can see the sea. When you think that your brain is confused and you can't figure out what you are looking for, you can use Hailanbao to touch your forehead, or gently scrape the back of your head and back neck to help purify brain energy and restore fresh thinking.

Emotionally too dependent on others, it is easy to affect the emotional ups and downs of other people's actions, you can wear the sea blue treasure at any time, you can balance your emotions, not too much external influence. Those who are prone to shrinking, wearing Hailanbao jewelry, can strengthen confidence and enhance the effectiveness of self-confidence

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