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About Us

Store concept

  The development of the Internet to today, online shopping has become an indispensable part of many people's daily lives, it was originally a very convenient thing, but unfortunately the quality of online shopping products is not good enough, and can not see the real thing, often get angry. Especially for the shooting of crystal gemstones, the resolution of each phone or computer is different or the camera shooting effect will be different. It may also be affected by the lighting effect at that time. Therefore, some photos may have a certain degree of color difference, which is very easy. Caused everyone to misunderstand.

Many online stores do not have to be returned, and crystal jewellery is not easy to shoot. Even if the photographer does not necessarily mislead, the comprehensive quality problem picture is different from the real thing and sometimes it is difficult to avoid.

For the negative products brought by various online shopping, negative emotions, etc., we are more helpless as consumers, especially for shopping outside Hong Kong is more elusive, returning and troublesome.

For all kinds of online shopping problems, I understand all.

Because the owner is one of the victims of online shopping.

So we created i-Colour Crystal Amber Studio

There is a convenient cooperation between the entity and the network, and the most relaxed return policy, selling the most authentic products!

our service 

The best pre-sales service

Second, the best after-sales service

Best support service

Fourth, the best goods service

The best pre-sales service: You can contact us at any time to inquire about product information. All the 18 districts in Hong Kong can deliver and deliver goods. There is no sales promotion. You can make a decision after you pay the bill or post it. I like the first thing. In the store, we welcome the visit to the studio in Kowloon City. The studio will sell it, but we are very welcome to ask the owner.

Second, the best after-sales service: studios and websites to buy our products have appreciating period and anti-regret rights, understand the risks of online shopping, online shopping can actually observe the real thing first, within ten days after picking up the goods are not satisfied / no I like to go to the Kowloon City Studio to return.

3. The best support service: As long as you have the need, we can help you change the line maintenance at any time, query product problems, are free.

4. The best guarantee of goods: Guarantee your goods for life, this shop only sells natural crystals and unoptimized amber beeswax. In view of the fact that there are too many fake technologies in the market, if there are unfortunate things in the store, it is time to go missing (staining, crystal growth) , fraud, synthesis, etc.) Save the documents for the life of the package, the store bears and pays all your shopping risks.

We promise - the goods are responsible for going out!

Online shopping 2.0----This is a magical online shop that sees, touches, and retreats! i-Colour Crystal Amber Studio

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Our address - Room 1/F,wing wing house, No. 52 South Road, Kowloon City