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yellow crystal

yellow crystal

The yellow transparent crystal is called citrine, and the yellow color is a symbol of positive wealth, so many businessmen like to wear citrine.

The effect of citrine

1. Citrine is a symbol of happiness, health and wealth. It can adjust people's emotions, make people calm and calm, and feel comfortable. People who wear citrine often have stronger self-confidence and happiness.

2, citrine main wealth, can gather wealth, known as the "stone of merchants", so many businessmen, stocks of people like citrine. 

3, the yellow light and the people's mind feel harmonious, can strengthen the aura, let people full of confidence and joy.

4. The manifestation of the strongest energy in the "object" is yellow light, so citrine corresponds to matter and wealth.

5, citrine can bring partial wealth, enhance the yellow light in the gas field, thus creating an unexpected wealth, so companies and businesses engaged in business must start a citrine, and has the effect of stimulating money.

6, citrine corresponds to the human body's umbilical wheel, can eliminate the nervous emotions, and the stomach and other digestive system and curative effect, so put the citrine in the financial position, can enhance the fortune.

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Citrine bracelet 10mmSize: 10mm (+-0.5)Grams: 27.9gNo.: 91253efficacy:1. Citrine is a symbol of happ..


Citrine bracelet 8.8mmSize: 8.8mm (+-0.5)Grams: 19.6gNo.: 93201efficacy:1. Citrine is a symbol of ha..