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三輪骨幹 / 超級七 / Super 7

三輪骨幹 / 超級七 / Super 7

The three-wheeled backbone crystal contains seven kinds of symbiotic minerals. It is called Super Seven, Super Seven, and Purple Hair Crystal. It is a crystal with very powerful energy!

The shape of the Super Seven Mines is symbiotic in the crystal, and some of the hair is thick enough to pass through, some will be sparkling, and some will be spotted. White spar with purple, gold, red, brown and other colors, rich in color, is a good collection!

SuperSeven magically blends seven kinds of ores with a rare ore production and is a powerful ore. In addition, Super Seven corresponds to all chakras, which can cause unexpected stimulation, healing, balance and spiritual improvement in seven rounds.

In addition, Super Seven never needs to be cleaned to maintain energy; even if a single stone does not clearly show all seven minerals, it still retains all mineral energy.

Has the following effects:

Because it possesses the energy and characteristics of a variety of minerals, it can open, balance and stimulate the seven kinds of chakras of the human body. Basically, it has the following functions: including: wealth, love, popularity, affection, health, communication, balance, treatment and so on.

Not only is it beautiful and precious, it is powerful. More importantly, it helps to attract good luck! It can also increase the charm of the source and enhance the harmony, harmony, and friendliness of interpersonal relationships and intimacy.

It can help each human's own frequency to rise rapidly and evenly. It can also be applied to body cell repair, DNA repair, keeping cells continuously updated, resisting aging, activating new genetic factors, and reviving.

This top pure body is super seven, each one is unique, with bright colors, many hair, and smooth! Crystals are transparent and often worn, which can improve wisdom, open up body energy, clear the spiritual level of pipelines, and enhance good luck.

Often work at night, or go to night shifts, and enter some places with heavy air-conditioning, such as hospitals, wards, murderous houses, graveyards, graveyards, special business places, or colder places, wearing super-seven and black-haired crystals, all of which prevent interference. Or, to strengthen your gas field, it is not easy to get in contact with negative energy interference.

In addition to being a career, the sensitivity to wealth is even more acute. The super seven crystal is more profitable than the crystal. No matter what the real money is, the partial wealth is recruited, and the overbearing momentum is more representative.

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