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Red Ghost Bracelet 13.5mm

  • Product Code: 2463
  • Reward Points: 20
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HKD$330.00 HKD$390.00
Price in reward points:390

Red Ghost Bracelet 13.5mm

Size: 13.5mm (+-0.5mm)

Grams: 53.7g

No.: 2463

Efficacy:Red ghost, a kind of phantom crystal, the red mineral in the transparent crystal should be red volcanic mud. It has a special therapeutic effect on the liver and kidney, and red shade is also very helpful for the reproductive system. It can improve the overly rational and calm thinking mode, make people more human and compassionate, increase tolerance and empathy, and balance too much blue gas field. The green ghost is the main fortune, that is, the wealth brought by the cause and business, and is most suitable for those who are looking for career opportunities. It can also become a pet for a businessman, which helps to improve thinking, open the mind, has the power to gather wealth and highly condense wealth, and represents the wealth accumulated by hard work. Strengthen heart function, calm mood (tension, insomnia, anger, delusion)

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