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Super seven bracelets6.5+

  • Product Code: 91263
  • Reward Points: 30
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Price in reward points:590

Super seven bracelets

Size: 6.5+mm (+-0.5)

Grams: 11.4g

No.: 91163


The three-wheel backbone crystal contains seven kinds of symbiotic ore, which is called Super Seven Quartz (or Super Seven, Super Seven). The seven symbiotic mines are: amethyst, clear crystal, citrine, yellow pyrite, rutile, needle iron. Mine and fibrite.

Super Seven is a powerful ore that blends seven kinds of ores with rare ore production. In addition, Super Seven corresponds to all chakras, which can cause unexpected stimulation, healing, balance and spiritual improvement in seven rounds.

Super Seven is a powerful spar. Because it retains the energy and characteristics of many minerals, it can open, balance and stimulate all the chakras of the human body. Basically, it has all the functions, including: wealth, love, popularity, affection, noble , communication, spirituality, balance, treatment, etc.

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