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Strawberry Crystal Bracelet 9

  • Product Code: 184262
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Price in reward points:198

Strawberry Crystal Bracelet 9

Size: 9mm (+-0.5mm)

Grams: 20.7g

Number: 184262

Efficacy: the role and efficacy of strawberry crystal

1. Wearing strawberry crystal helps to enhance the love fortune, and makes thinking more clear and peace of mind.

2, strawberry crystal master love and interpersonal relationship. Business people wearing strawberry crystals can increase performance. In addition, strawberry crystal can enhance the love fortune, help to attract a good marriage, wearing strawberry crystal can also increase personal charm, enhance the harmonious harmony of human relationships, harmony and friendliness.

3, long-term wearing strawberry crystal bracelet can make people intoxicated in the arms of love, guiding people to enjoy every moment in the respect of each other.

4, strawberry crystal can develop the heart wheel, when you inject the information of love in the crystal, others can feel the existence of your love.

5, for those who are more lazy to act, can be passively active by the energy of strawberry crystal, strawberry crystal itself is a very special kind of seed, and the best strawberry crystal is very rare, it is refracted in sunlight The flashing light is very strong and dazzling, beautiful and amazing.

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