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Most of the Morganite on the market is produced in the pegmatite mine in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Afghanistan, Mozambique, Namibia and the United States are secondary producers

Morgan Stone is also a member of the Emerald family, aristocrats in the crystal

Morgan Stone's main development of the heart, strengthen the health of heart and lung function, can relax tension, relieve irritability, help deepen the heart, find self-enhanced understanding. Pink crystals exude a gentle and attractive pink light to help improve interpersonal relationships. Morgan Stone can adjust the relationship between husband and wife, can improve your relationship with the other half, bring you a happy emotional life; love for falling love Trauma can reduce emotional troubles, and then enjoy love, grasp love, and thus get a good love marriage.

From different angles, Morgan Stone presents two subtle colors: light pink and dark pink with bluish blue. It exudes a gentle and attractive pink glow that helps improve interpersonal relationships and enhance karma. Business is the best tool for opening a door to do business. It can also attract love. It is a good gift for couples. It can promote people to love themselves, whether it is for customers, bosses, subordinates or colleagues. Bringing excellent support and improvement, making the relationship more mellow and more popular.

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