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Moon / Labradorite comes in many colors: white, beige, yellow, blue, green, gray, etc.

It is one of the love stones, which helps to enhance the charm and feminine essence of women.

Different colors on the surface, such as anti-blue light or white light, etc.

1. Moonstone's energy is soft, delicate and penetrating, with melting and diffusing characteristics. Can give people a calm manner and elegant demeanor. Putting the moonstone under the pillow can help people sleep peacefully, have a good night's sleep, get a full rest, and also prevent sleepwalking.

 2, Moonstone can also reconcile people's personality, if your character is strong and temperament is easy to impulsive. Then Moonstone will be a good choice for you, it can soothe your personality and change your temper.

 3, Moonstone has a strong stable mood, it can smooth the wearer's impulsive side, thus stabilizing the wearer's emotional emotions. Let the wearer feel peace and restore a rational attitude, so when you feel impulsive or feel irritated, you may want to wear moonlight to relieve this kind of emotion.

 4. Help the brain to think and help the mind to be clear. If someone is too straightforward, speech, behavior, and manners are often too abrupt, it is recommended to wear moonstone jewelry to improve the temperament from the inside out to bring a calm manner and elegant attitude.

 5, Moonstone can broaden people's horizons, expand people's minds, let people achieve a comfortable mood, maintain a happy mood, healthy eating habits, and thus achieve weight loss.

  6, Moonstone is called "the stone of lovers", can promote the reconciliation of feelings, can attract another partner of life, and can resolve the emotional problems between partners, so that the two sides can live in peace. Moonstone can add a soft atmosphere, soothe the staunch, and exude a romantic atmosphere, is the best token of sentiment.

 7, for easy fatigue, often physically weak will help strengthen vitality, enhance physical strength and endurance.

 8, moonstone is also conducive to the digestive system and reproductive system, which helps to absorb nutrients, dissolve toxins, and alleviate the deterioration of skin, hair, eyes and fleshy organs such as liver and pancreas. It is especially beneficial for women who are pregnant, productive, and breastfeeding.

Original URL: There are many colors: white, beige, yellow, blue, green, gray, etc.

Original URL: There are many colors: white, beige, yellow, blue, green, gray, etc.

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