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Ghost crystal

Ghost crystal

Ghost Crystal, also known as Vision Crystal. The Vision Crystal refers to minerals such as volcanic mud of different colors during the growth of the crystal. In the transparent white crystal, natural visions such as clouds, plants, vortexes and even pyramids emerge.

The color of the inner bag is green, which is called green ghost crystal. The same reason, due to the change of volcanic mud color

There are four main types of ghost crystals: green ghost, red ghost, yellow ghost, white ghost, etc.

Green Ghost Bracelet 10mmSize: 10mm (+-0.5mm)Grams: 28.8gNo.: 19012241Efficacy: Green Ghost is calle..


Green Ghost bracelet 13mmSize: 13mm (+-0.5mm)Grams: 56.7gNumber: 093129Efficacy: Green Ghost is call..


Green Ghost Silver PendantPrice: HKD$390Size: 24.8*25*13mm (+-0.5mm)Grams: 17.24gNo.: 93271Efficacy:..


Red Ghost Bracelet 13.5mm Red Ghost Bracelet 13.5mm

HKD$330.00 HKD$390.00

Red Ghost Bracelet 13.5mmSize: 13.5mm (+-0.5mm)Grams: 53.7gNo.: 2463Efficacy:Red ghost, a kind of ph..

HKD$330.00 HKD$390.00

雪花幽靈手串8.5mm尺寸:8.5mm(+-0.5mm)克數:20g編號:96213功效:雪花幽靈是擁有不同的顏色的幽靈,是一個新的品種雪花幽靈 簡介彩幽靈,就是內部有多種顏色的幽靈水晶。彩幽靈內部一..


雪花幽靈手串8.5mm尺寸:8.5mm(+-0.5mm)克數:19.7g編號:96212功效:雪花幽靈是擁有不同的顏色的幽靈,是一個新的品種雪花幽靈 簡介彩幽靈,就是內部有多種顏色的幽靈水晶。彩幽靈內..