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Copper Pectolite

Copper Pectolite

The embossed jewels of the Larimar (Lalima) have long been discovered and used by indigenous Indians with copper amphite on the Caribbean islands. Currently only Dominica is produced

Sea stones, the collection heat in foreign markets is much higher

1. Lalima stone has the energy of cooling, lysis and dialysis. It has the function of melting and releasing, corresponding to the throat.

2. It helps to clean and purify the negative energy of each chakra, and the complex complex of entanglement, so that it is quiet.

3. It can help people to objectively reflect, examine, and evaluate their own thoughts and behavior patterns, and then improve them. It is a kind of gem that can promote "introspection."

4. Help to resolve the well-being, struggle, and aggressive personality and make it peaceful.

5. Can help a person to see the advantages and disadvantages of people, and realize that each person has different existence values, and then he is good at comparing and embarrassing mentality, and can return to simple happiness.

6. Can help salesmen to attract customers of different types and frequencies, and help your friends and friends.


Sea stone drop pendantSize: 27*18*9.5mm (+-0.5)Grams: 8.28gNo.: 9226The owner's commentary: the sea ..