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Aquamarine is the birthstone of March and Aries! Symbolizes courage, love and peace, and is regarded as the stone of courage


1. Aquamarine crystal is the most effective crystal, because it contains four elements of wind, fire, water and earth, with powerful healing, purification and spiritual power.

2. If a person's body has respiratory problems, then it is recommended that he wear aquamarine crystal to promote the health of his respiratory system, which can enhance his ability to express and persuade. At the same time, Aquamarine Crystal has nourishing function for the wearer, which is beneficial to the eyes, ankles, teeth and stomach, such as improving myopia and hyperopia; avoiding the immune system being too sensitive; coordinating the relationship between pituitary and thyroid, regulating hormone secretion and physical development .

3, Aquamarine crystal can also improve the character of the wearer, so that the wearer has an inclusive mind, overcome the problem of easy moral judgment, help them get rid of the old-fashioned concept, encourage the wearer to be more serious and responsible for themselves, and develop positive Upward, energetic personality.

4. Aquamarine Crystal also has the function of calming the mood and soothing the mind, helping the wearer to face up to his potential emotions, correctly and completely express himself, and help the wearer to constantly improve himself.

5, Aquamarine crystal is also conducive to the wearer to resist foreign thought invasion, calm the brain, relieve doubts, improve the integrity and sensitivity of the idea, so that the wearer develops a cool and rational thinking

6, Aquamarine crystal can also purify the throat, adjust the wheel hole, coordinate the physical and mental function of the person.

The five elements of Sapphire are "water", which is most suitable for use and wear by people who enjoy the "Water". More suitable for some industries that use language, conversation, voice, etc. Such as teachers and salesmen, etc.

Aquamarine bracelets 10+mmSize: 10mm (+-0.5)Grams: 29gNo.: 184251The efficacy of HailanbaoBecause of..


Aquamarine bracelets 7.5mm Aquamarine bracelets 7.5mm

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Aquamarine bracelet 7.5mmSize: 7.5mm (+-0.5)Grams: 15.2gNumber: 184258The efficacy of HailanbaoBecau..

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